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List building sites are one of my biggest traffic secrets. Just by using this one strategy, you can consistently build a list and income.

The key is to have the ability to mail to at least 2 different list-building sites each day, that way you are constantly sending out your offer and reaching more people.

Online list-building sites help you generate random leads or e-mail their lists in return for receiving mail from other members on their site.

Usually on these sites if you are a free member you need to earn credits by clicking credit links in other members’ e-mails to you in order to send your message to other members. But if you choose to upgrade (especially by taking the one-time offers.. just one payment for a lifetime account), you will be able to send to a set amount of members every few days without having to work towards earning credits.

Before we begin I want to give you a suggestion to reduce e-mail in your personal e-mail account. I have two addresses that I use.. one is my personal e-mail address and one is my list e-mail address.

The reason why I have two is that I regularly check e-mail in my personal e-mail address but I expect to receive a lot of e-mail in my list e-mail address that is the email I won’t be reading all the time.

This limits the amount of messages I receive or am forced to look at because I can simply just delete the messages in the account used for my list e-mail if I choose to. Also, when I’m earning credits I can simply login to my list e-mail account and I’ll have all the e-mails to receive credit from.

What I would suggest before signing up under any Online List Building site is to signup to that site using an e-mail address that you will expect to receive a lot of mail.

To get a free e-mail account I would suggest Gmail as a great resource. They offer the highest storage amount and have no problem with blocking mails.. I do NOT recommend yahoo, msn, or many other free e-mail accounts.

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